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The cards in Coin Master are collector’s items that can be found during the game. Each thematic collection consists of nine unique cards. Each completed Collection rewards players with spins and other great gifts – including Pets! The rarer the card collection, the greater the reward!

When it comes to getting new cards, the village level is determined by the cards that can be found in the chests. Remember that gold cards can be found in villages with a higher level. You can also trade normal with your friends at any time, and you can also trade gold cards during special events.

How to get cards?

Coin Master Cards are most often obtained from chests that can be won from events, found during rallies or bought with coins. The village level determines the types and rarity of cards that can be found in chests

Cards are placed in all villages in the game, so if you notice that you no longer find any new cards, it’s a good clue that it’s time to move to other villages. Know that not all players will find the same cards in exactly the same places. However, remember to buy enough crates to get all the cards from the village

Coin Master Chests

Chests are in-game items that contain collectible cards. They come in three different varieties – wooden, gold and magic. The wooden box contains 2 Cards, the Gold box contains 4, and the Magic Box contains 8.

Chests can be obtained in many different ways. Completing all missions in the village can result in getting a chest. You also have the chance to dig out a chest during raids. In addition, chests can always be bought with coins in the in-game store.

Trading with friends is another great way to collect cards. Normal cards can be exchanged at any time with a limit of 5 per day, and gold cards can be exchanged during special events.

Get Coin Master Free Spins and Coins to obtain chests!

Get Spins & Coins

How to get Coin Master Spin for free:

  1. Click the “Get Spins & Coins” button.
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Select your operating system.
  4. Choose amount of coins.
  5. Select amount of spins.
  6. Pass human verification.
  7. Enjoy free spins and coins in Coin Master.

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