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Pets in Coin Master
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Animals are your companions in Coin Master. They help players in various aspects of the game and make passing through the villages much more interesting. I will present some interesting facts about pets in Coin Master


Grow Lisa (Foxy) when you reach the Inca village and travel with him collecting cards to complete sets and unlock new animals! Foxy is the first animal unlocked in the game, and his skills are extremely helpful. In Raids, Foxy digs fourth place to earn extra coins!

When you reach village level 4, your first animal, Foxy, will be unlocked, and a tutorial will guide you through various animal-related activities, such as feeding and increasing their levels.


The task of the Tiger is to increase the number of coins won during attacks on the villages of other players. The tiger will help you whenever you attack other players as long as it is awake. To unlock the tiger, you must first complete the beast card collection.

Tiger Coin Master


The goal of Rhino in the game is to protect your village! If your village is attacked by another player and you run out of shields, he will have the chance to block this attack.

Remember that after the first hatch, a rhino has a 10% chance of blocking attacks. Using XP mixtures to increase its level will increase that chance.

To unlock the rhino, you must first complete the creature card collection.

Where can I find my pets in Coin Master?

Your pet is on the left of the SPIN button (starting from the fourth village). Tap a pet to go to the animal area. The animal area is the place where you feed your pet so that he does not fall asleep, and where you give him XP mixtures to increase his level!

How do you hatch eggs?

To hatch an egg, go to the pet’s menu and use the arrows on the sides of the screen to find the egg you want to hatch and touch it. This is it! Your pet is now with you and ready to help!

How can I increase my pet’s level?

Animals perform various tasks within a certain limit, which can be raised by increasing their level.

To promote a pet, you need to collect XP potions (experience points). Gathered XP can be seen in the bottom right corner of the pet’s menu. When looking at a pet, pressing the XP button will give him a percentage of the total XP in your collection – this can be seen at the top of the screen.

When you add enough experience points, your pet will automatically advance to a higher level, and thus the amount of help it will give will increase. Each animal has its own XP bar, levels separately. Experience points are also gained each time your pet does its job and can therefore rise to a higher level.

How to get treats (food) for animals and XP?

In some cases, you will receive XP potions or treats as additional rewards for coins or actions that have already been earned during the spins. XP potions can also be earned as a reward for building structures or repairing village items that have been damaged by another player’s attack.

How to feed your pets in Coin Master

Like animals in real life, the animals in the game must be fed so that they do not fall asleep, that they are happy and active! Without snacks, your pets will fall asleep and will not perform their tasks.

To feed your pets, touch the pet sitting to the left of the spin button to load the pet’s menu. There select the animal you want to feed and tap the animal treats button at the bottom right of the screen. You can use multiple snacks on your pet at the same time to wake him up for a long time.

How can I protect my village without a shield?

Without shields, the player’s village can still be protected by a rhino. You can unlock this animal by completing the collection of creature cards

Pets in Coin Master

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