A genre of video games in which players must demonstrate strategic thinking, planning, management and tactic skills in clash with computer artificial intelligence or other players. It is believed that strategy games have their roots in classic logic and board games such as chess, him or monopoly. Invasion is considered the progenitor of the genre, which is a fairly free adaptation of the iconic “Risk”, produced for the Oddysey Magnavox console in 1972.

Strategy games are characterized by great diversity in terms of both form and content. They are usually categorized into several key aspects, including gameplay (turn-based or real-time), and place and time of action (historical or non-historical). Popular subspecies of strategy games are: turn-based strategy, real-time strategy called RTS, economic strategy, tactical game, team tactical game, 4X.

Due to the high precision control required in most strategy games, this genre is popular mainly on personal computers, where players can use the mouse and keyboard.